2008.- DCVG Surveys of the new pipelines Iro A - La Y, Dami A - Daimi 01 and Amo B Block 16, Ecuador, ARB-Repsol-YPF
2007.- EUS helped in the Spanish training of Mcmiller Equipment and Software for Pipeline Surveys (DCVG and CIPS)for OGS , Reynosa - Mexico, OGS - Mcmiller.
2007.- Spanish Translation of the MCMiller Co. Inc. Training Manuals for the G1 (User’s Guide, CIS, DCVG and PS) and the ProActive (Single User and Client Server Versions). Vero Beach, Florida, USA.
2007.- EPC CPS, 32'' Diameter Water line Uravia Hydroelectric Plant. Guayllabamba, Ecuador, Hidalgo&Hidalgo
Soil Resistivity Study and Interference Study, Design, Procurement, Installation and Start up of Cathodic Protection System using a single groudbed with solid rod Titanium anodes coated with Mixed Metal Oxide and air cooled rectifier.
2007.- Reinforced Steel Corrosion Analysis in Building, Manta, Ecuador. Marcelo Arteaga.
2007.- Jet Fuel CPS inspection. 2 Impress Current Systems. Resistivity Survey, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

2007.- Design for 13 Km 8’’ Pipeline from Paka Sur Well Pad to Yanaquincha Well pad, including ROW resistivity measurement, Block 15, Ecuador
2006.- An audit of the Corrosion Control Processes in their facilities including: CPF,Villano A and Villano B, Baeza, Sarayacu. In conjunction with Northwest corrosion Engineering, Agip Oil Ecuador.
Gathering and Reviewing of Cathodic Protection Design and Fiend Data, Monitoring of existing corrosion control and preventing devices, Internal corrosion control, Pipelines ultrasonic wall thickness measurement, Basic Coating evaluation, Analysis of pipeline pigging, Technical review of corrosion reports.